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L-Drawings of Directed Graphs

We introduce L-drawings, a novel paradigm for representing directed graphs aiming at combining the readability features of orthogonal drawings with the expressive power of matrix representations. In an L-drawing, vertices have exclusive x- and...

Intersection-link representation of a graph 
with five cliques.

Intersection-Link Representations of Graphs

We consider drawings of graphs that contain dense subgraphs. We introduce intersection-link representations for such graphs, in which each vertex u is represented by a geometric object R(u) and in which each edge (u,v) is represented by the intersection between R(u) and R(v) if it belongs...

A left-flat path Q (red thick line) and its elongation E(Q) (red and black thick lines)

Optimal Morphs of Convex Drawings

We give an algorithm to compute a morph between any two convex drawings of the same plane graph. The morph preserves the convexity of the drawing at any time instant and moves each vertex...

A streamed graph that is ω-stream planar for ω=2

Streamed Graphs

In this research we introduce a notion of planarity for graphs that are presented in a streaming fashion. A streamed graph is a stream of edges e1,e2,…,em on a vertex set V. A streamed graph is ω–stream planar with respect to a...