Admission to Ph.D. programme

PhD application process

International students interested in pursuing a Ph.D. degree at Roma Tre can apply online when the yearly application process becomes active, usually in the month of July.

The 2018 Call (XXXIV Ciclo – 34° Cycle) has been published at this page.

You can check here for other information.

Every year will be posted the total number of vacancies for Ph.D. students and the number of scholarships available for the upcoming academic year.

Applicants are required to a 5 years degree equivalent to the Italian laurea degree in order for their application to be considered, in case the former was obtained abroad.

In addition, applicants must submit online all the documents specified by the department to which they are applying.


Around October, applicants are informed by email of the university Committee decision. The notification includes information on the candidate’s admission and the assignment of the scholarship, where applicable.


Admission Procedure

All documentationpresented by the candidate will be examinated and evaluated. At least 18 points over 30 to be admitted to the interview. Beside documents evaluation, an interview with candidates could be required, in presence or by means of remote connection facilities (e.g., Skype); the tool exploited for the interview is selected by the examining commission and the candidate is asked to manage the availability of the tool at his/her location.

In order to sustain the interview, candidates will be asked to exhibit the same identity document attached to the application or other valid identification document in which they result clearly identifiable. Other details that will be published at least 10 days in advance of the interview date.


Results of the evaluation of all documentation presented and Admission to the XXXIV Cicle of Ph.D.